Providing a one-stop-shop to empower a digitised society

In a clear showing of committment to small business, the Australian Government announced the Small Business Digital Taskforce on 20 November 2017. The taskforce provided a final report to Government in March 2018 listing 9 key recommendations. 

The Small Business Digital Taskforce's number 1 recommendation is to form a Non Government Organisation (NGO) 


A central, national point for information and advice on digital opportunities for small businesses and their advisors, the NGO would
consolidate, disseminate and simplify information and advice on digital options provided by the public and private sector, establish a two-way flow of information between the NGO, industry associations and Small Business Commissioners.

The NGO would provide

  • a multi-channel approach to address diversity of small business digital needs

  • be the vehicle through which the federal government will promote awareness of the benefits of digital adoption for small business

  • establish and enhance business-to-business information sharing and best practice

  • develop and deliver business benchmarking tools to assess the ‘digital health’ of a business

  • promote and coordinate awareness campaigns on digital issues of concern to small business.

The website is in support of our application to be the NGO that brings this program to market. 


A groundbreaking Government Initiative to help all Australian Businesses benefit from the latest technology

The Small Business Digital Taskforce's number one recommendation is to form a Non Government Organisation and build an one stop shop information portal. And this could be it.

It's all in the name

Where do you go to for support? The helpdesk of course! Now you have an all of business portal for your digital journey all in one place

The Portal of all knowledge

We will develop and commission the portal to bring together existing digital resources from across government and the private sector, providing a one-stop-shop in empowering a digitised society.

Powered by the best people

Improving information sharing between businesses, government, industry associations and the small business commissioner, requires the best people. Our experienced team will increase small business awareness and adoption of digital technology.

Safe, secure guidance for your business

Engaging with government information providers we will be a fresh new source for businesses to research, obtain and implement digital strategy, technologies and services. Using established vendor relationships, we will recommend solutions upon client assessment using proven technologies.

20 years of extensive research has prepared us for this

Our funding application

We submitted our application for funding in March 2020 and can expect an 8-12 week selection and negotiation process. We have submitted a solid response and expect a favourable result.

Getting started

Once awarded, we will be in the trenches developing the platform by May 2020. We will have 3 years of information gathering and development to get our one stop shop developed, tested and launched to the Australian public. 

What's next?

After the portal is launched in 2022, we will have already started development of the supporting App for mobile use. This will give Australian Business owners all the tools they need to make strategic Technology decisions right at their fingertips.


We are stronger through our partnerships

Companies and agencies that work together can achieve amazing outcomes

We have an extensive network of vendors and service providers that have partnered with us to bring a collaborative portal to empower Australian businesses. If you would like to join the team, please make contact as soon as possible. 


What People are Saying

Even though we are brand new, our founders have decades of experience in providing solutions to Australian Business owners

“Recently we increased our level of concentration on a technically challenging project which is subject to tough deadlines and we were extremely grateful at the late night after hours service and back up that was provided that enabled us to meet the deadline.”

“We’ve worked with PSP on a number of transformational initiatives, as well as utilising their regular support services. Their knowledge, unbiased focus on leading edge technologies, and most specifically their true understanding of how to support a small business, means they are one of the best technology organisations we’ve worked with and we consider them a partner of Capitalis.”

“For 19 years LWP has enjoyed a wonderful professional relationship with Lyndon Beck in providing LWP with its IT support including regular system maintenance, review and upgrade.”

Ric Stawiarz - Complete Cab Care

Stuart Gunstone - Capitalis

Alan Neville - LWP Property Group


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"Empowering Business To Go Digital"  is a Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of the Australian Government initiative.

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Tel: +61 087 099 9709    Free Call 1800 957 835

Address: Suite 6 /172 Main Street, Osborne Park WA 6017


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